We are a team of experienced passionates whose desire is to help the most vulnerable people all over the world. We’ve been cooperating for years with partners in Africa and the Middle East.

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  Many women die every year during pregnancy and childbirth as a result of conditions that could have been prevented or treated. In Zanzibar poor quality of care due to an insufficient number of skilled health workers and lack of basic equipment, as well as long distances from home to…
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Nigeria ranks among the top countries in which women and children die during labour and in the first days of life. Together with our local partner, the Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation, we created the project "Providing a safe childbirth for mothers in the states of Oyo and Ogun in…
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We started a project in one of the districts in Western Uganda with an extremely high mortality rate of mothers and newborns caused by perinatal infections. Neonatal deaths are inextricably linked to the conditions of delivery and newborn care. Many women die every year during pregnancy and childbirth as a…
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