Tanzania (Zanzibar included) has the sixth-highest number of maternal deaths in the world and is the fourth-highest in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Tanzania, a woman dies from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. We all know that maternal survival is closely linked to child survival. The same conditions that cause death and illness in pregnant women also result in death and illness in millions of newborn babies. Furthermore, threats to a mother’s life also jeopardize the survival of her other children under five.

We all understand that maternal, neonate and child deaths are contributed by limited access to quality health services, poor referral systems, inadequate equipment and supplies, and inadequate funding envelope for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. Moreover, there is a shortage of skilled obstetricians to make deliveries safe, and babies and their mothers remain healthy. 

Together with our local partner Al-Sahel Foundation we agreed that the long-term objective of the project is to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality among children and mothers.

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