In Sierra Leone, not all the children get the privilege of going to school, and of those who are lucky to go, many reach the school without shoes, clean uniforms, and lack school supplies. Without the necessary school supplies, bright young minds lack the quality of education that they need to thrive academically. Too many young people with high potential turn to destructive rather than constructive paths for themselves and their community.

Together with our local partner Make Our Leaders Foundation, we have reached out to hundreds of people with great hearts who made financial and material donations. We collected thousands of kilos of school supplies, classroom furniture, clothes, toys, and much more in primary and secondary schools in Poland. Students showed great heart, commitment, and empathy towards their peers in Sierra Leone. We have collected a full container of donated items.
We have received a multitude of books and school supplies, clothes, school furniture, and we are so grateful for the outpouring of generosity, however, due to the expensive cost of shipping these wonderful books and supplies are sitting in our storeroom instead of in the hands of the kids that desperately need them. This fundraiser will cover the cost of shipping a full container full of school supplies to Sierra Leone.

Collected items will not reach our beneficiaries in Sierra Leone without your help. We would like to kindly ask you to provide financial assistance to ship the container to children in Sierra Leone.

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