Zanzibar: Improving Lives in Rural Communities

Tanzania (Zanzibar included) has the sixth-highest number of maternal deaths in the world and is the fourth-highest in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Tanzania, a woman dies from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. We all know that maternal survival is closely linked to child survival. The same conditions that cause death and…
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Malawi: Perinatal Care for Disabled Mothers

We are happy to announce that we started working in Malawi. We are going to reduce child and maternal mortality through optimizing access to safe birth, obstetric and neonatal care in the rural areas. In Malawi, many women die every year during pregnancy and childbirth as a result of conditions…
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Tanzania: Fighting Period Poverty in Moshi

Period poverty means a lack of funds to purchase basic hygiene items such as sanitary pads, tampons, and soap, no access to toilets and running water, and no basic knowledge about hygiene during menstruation. What does this mean for girls in Tanzania? Period poverty is very common in African countries.…
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Sierra Leone: Helping the Children

In Sierra Leone, not all the children get the privilege of going to school, and of those who are lucky to go, many reach the school without shoes, clean uniforms, and lack school supplies. Without the necessary school supplies, bright young minds lack the quality of education that they need to thrive academically. Too…
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Tanzania: Supporting Maasai Women in the Lesoit village

In traditional Maasai communities, women rarely give birth in hospitals. Usually, childbirth takes place at home, in the presence of a traditional midwife and female relatives. Maasai midwives equipped with knowledge and experience passed down from generation to generation, know very well how to take care of a mother and…
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Mali: Improving Maternal and Newborn Healthcare

Maternal and child health in Mali remains among the poorest in sub-Saharan Africa for many reasons. Limited access and adoption of family planning, early childbearing, and short birth intervals are among the major reasons. Other important factors are FGM, infrequent use of skilled birth attendants, and lack of emergency obstetrical…
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Tanzania: Supporting Maternal & Newborn Care at Arusha Hospital

In some remote areas of Tanzania, children are being born in conditions that are hard to imagine in the age of modern medicine. Thanks to our donors, we could at least partially change this dramatic situation. Together with our local partner Buhemba Village of Comfort Foundation we met the staff…
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Uganda: Fighting Period Poverty in the Nakivale Refugee Camp

Togerther with our local partner YAREN Organization we work at Kabazana Nakivale Refugee Settlement/ Isingiro District, Uganda. Our joint projects focus on preventing sexually transmitted diseases, period poverty and other women helath realted issues.
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Tanzania: WASH & Poverty Reduction Projects

In Tanzania, we cooperate with the Buhemba Village of Comfort Foundation. Together, we implement projects focused on combating poverty, improving access to reproductive health, and fighting for access to water and better sanitation.
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Zimbabwe: Supporting Maternity Ward at Binga Hospital

Many women die every year during pregnancy and childbirth as a result of conditions that could have been prevented or treated. In Zimbabwe poor quality of care due to an insufficient number of skilled health workers and lack of basic equipment, as well as long distances from home to health…
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Nigeria: Improving Perinatal Care

Nigeria ranks among the top countries in which women and children die during labour and in the first days of life. Together with our local partner, the Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation, we created the project "Providing a safe childbirth for mothers in the states of Oyo and Ogun in…
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Uganda: Improving Access to Healthcare for Women in Rural Settings

We started a project in one of the districts in Western Uganda with an extremely high mortality rate of mothers and newborns caused by perinatal infections. Neonatal deaths are inextricably linked to the conditions of delivery and newborn care. Many women die every year during pregnancy and childbirth as a…
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