Period poverty means a lack of funds to purchase basic hygiene items such as sanitary pads, tampons, and soap, no access to toilets and running water, and no basic knowledge about hygiene during menstruation.

What does this mean for girls in Tanzania?

Period poverty is very common in African countries. It has a destructive effect on school-age girls who, due to the lack of sanitary pads, do not go to school during menstruation, which causes dropping out of school and, consequently, the end of education.

Either period or school.

Teenage girls who do not go to school are forced into premature marriages, which leads, among others, to unwanted pregnancies and complicated births. In this way, the lack of sanitary pads prevents girls from graduating from school, and thus – to a better life.

What is our solution?

We provided sanitary pads and soaps to school-aged girls in Moshi, Tanzania. Together with a local partner, Buhemba Village of Comfort Foundation we conducted educational sessions on the menstrual cycle, practices, and myths related to hygiene during menstruation.

If you are not afraid of taboos topics and you would like to improve the quality of life of girls in Tanzania, you’ve in the right place.

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